How to look at your life differently

Firefighting with God

Is the story of why and how I changed my life from being unhappy and unfulfilled. Only now, with the benefit of looking back, and with the understanding gained from training to be a personal counsellor, can I see clearly why it needed to change.

The book shares how I stumbled from crisis to crisis and accepted without question a life of contradictions. A difficult childhood and an unremarkable schooling had led, without planning or forethought, to a successful career as a carpenter, a marriage and children, and a very successful career in the Fire service. I should have been happy, and in parts I was, but my marriage failed and I embarked on a series of relationships that caused even more chaos until I broke down in what people assumed to be a mid life crisis.

I drunkenly asked for help, not from anyone or thing in particular, although I did mention God and challenged if He or She existed. Certainly I soon found myself in a spiritual environment, not religion, but a place where I started to learn about personal responsibility and some sort of life force that is here to help us.

I explain how my life changed; fuelled by the understanding my new life choices were giving me. I still made many mistakes; although I challenge now if any actions in a life that is meant to be can ever be a mistake!

Although you don’t have to be a Firefighter to take something from this book, I do use examples of my Firefighters life to explain what has shaped my thinking about death. But it is so much more than that as I have learnt to embrace all of life and this beautiful planet we live on at this time.


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Individual healing sessions for the emotional and physical bodies. Inspirational speaker motivating individuals within groups and meetings to look at life in a different way and to help and encourage, if necessary, to find another way forward.

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Favourite quotes that support the message within ‘Firefighting with God’:

‘People take different roads seeking happiness and fulfilment. Just because they’re not on your road does not mean they are lost’.

‘Coincidence is Gods way of remaining anonymous’ – although I prefer to see coincidence as a life force called synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, and thus meant to be.


SUSAN T: Brilliant. 5 stars; verified purchase
‘Absolutely brilliant book, took a lot out of it’.

From KM, Somerset. 8th January 2019.

‘Your book was a real gift to read, your honesty and experiences shared were really grounding……’

‘I admire your honesty, but (the part) when your dog died I cried my eyes out’

From SB, Bristol area. 16th January 2019.

‘Just wanted to let you know how much I’m really enjoying your book. I’ve laughed out loud, become sad at certain bits and said “oh no” out loud at others’.

Cont: 19th January 2019.

‘I know from a spiritual level you experienced everything as and when you should in order to arrive where and when you should at the right time- but on a human level, you made some dumbass decisions. No offence?! I’m hoping I’m at the bit where you have…..’

Cont: 23rd January 2019-03-13

‘All finished. Great book’.

From AL, Devon. 27th January 2019.

‘Started to read your book last night. It’s first book I’ve read properly for a long time. OMG it could be about me! I’m excited’.

Cont: 29th January 2019.

‘Well I’ve finished your book’. I’ve worked out what I do with men (in relationships). Now started to take notice of coincidences in my life’.

From DM, Scotland. 16th November 2018.

‘An enjoyable read’

From JF, Bristol. 16th November 2018.

‘Thoroughly enjoyed reading Firefighting with God. What a journey you’ve had’.

From RP, South Gloucestershire. 21st November 2018.

‘I thought I knew my friend Pete, but I hadn’t even scratched the surface. An insightful look at his journey. It made me laugh at memories shared and made me cry at certain points. Beautifully written’.

From PG, Bristol. 8th December 2018

‘An eye opener’

From K &A W, South Gloucestershire. 10th December 2018

‘Excellent read, in Sri Lanka’

From MG, Wales. 10th December 2018.

‘Pete is most certainly an international author. One book heading to Germany, one to the United States. It’s such a joy that his wonderful words are reaching far and wide into this world of ours’.

From R&M F, Bristol. 20th December 2018.

‘An absolutely marvellous book, purchased one myself’


From CG, Bristol. 1st January 2019.

In response to my new year’s message; ‘Beautiful words Pete. Just started your book and its fab already…..’

From MF, Bristol. 8th January 2019.

Firefighting with God; ‘A fantastic book by Pete Hamblin’

From DB, Durham. 11th January 2019.

‘Just started this (Firefighting with God) but already hooked by its realism, humour, and honesty. Being in the job (Fire service) myself also helps but don’t be put off if you are not as this is for everybody who is willing to look inward and learn’

From CG, Bristol. 14th January 2019.

In response to the above review from DB. ‘I totally agree with him (DB), I can’t put it down. Truly inspirational; Recommended.

From MH, Somerset. 6th February 2019.

Firefighting with God; ‘Recommended’

From SO, Australia. 13th March 2019.

Firefighting with God; ‘Insightful’